What is this?

The Great Moogration is happening! Our precious Highland Cows are finally being migrated to their own custom contract with much more luxurious pastures to graze in.

Before going any further, please keep in mind that there is zero risk in migrating, you will not lose your Cow! Here's the steps...

To effortlessly migrate, there will be two low-cost transactions:

  1. Approve: allow the migration contract to interact with your cow(s)
  2. Migrate: exchange each cow in your wallet for a new cow

Under the hood, the migration contract will confirm you are the owner of each cow, burn your old cow, and mint a new cow. Although burning sounds scary, this step is necessary to ensure that each cow can only be migrated once. After the migration transaction is complete, your cows are immediately available for use.

After the moogration period ends, anyone who has not successfully migrated by the deadline will have their soft and supple Moo-Moo(s) automatically minted to the Admin wallet, where they will be eagerly waiting for you.

To claim your Cow later, simply open up a support ticket in the Discord for next steps. The sooner we can complete the migration, the sooner we can delist the old collection on OpenSea to prevent any confusion. The new home for the collection is located here.

Migration has ended. If you own a Cow and did not get a chance to migrate in time, don't stress! Please open a support ticket in Discord.

Moo Waving